There are various types of manual locks, locksmiths are using. Some are padlocks, interchangeable core locks, deadbolt locks, knob locks, double cylindrical deadbolt locks, and many others. Manual locks are used by locksmiths for securing house doors and windows. Locksmiths use deadbolt locks for securing the primary gate of the house. In a manual locking system, locksmiths use deadbolt locks and lever handle locks in a majority of places. Interchangeable core padlock is highly popular these days. Locksmith Houston suggests using interchangeable core padlocks in securing offices. Manual locks are easy to use and do not require maintenance for a long time. Anyone can get these locks from nearby hardware stores. In the manual lock type, the pin tumbler and the padlock hold the oldest position. Locksmiths still use them in securing house doors. Manual locks are the best option for those with less budget. For any confusion regarding manual locks, you are free to ask locksmiths.