When it comes to secure the whole building doesn’t matter if it belongs to the commercial or residential sector, locksmith always follows the protocols. Company protocols explain the action of a locksmith. In the initial stage of their work locksmith always examine the area first in which they have to perform their work. Locksmith Yonkers always recommends securing the main door first. According to them if the main door is safe then fifty percent of the problems regarding security are already sorted. Then the rest of the security-related work remained in the inside section only. For securing the main door locksmith always prefer to use a deadbolt-based lock.

The reason behind this is, deadbolt locks are very much difficult to pick as compared to padlocks. The padlock is the oldest lock and deadbolt lock is the easy replacement for it. Both show different working configurations based on their construction. Along with deadbolt locks they highly recommend fencing on the walls and with that, they also prefer to install cameras along with alarming censors over it.