Unlike the past, modern locksmith services are divided into various parts which include residential locksmith services, commercial locksmith services, and the automotive locksmith services. Not only this they further split their work as forensic locksmiths, safe specialists, normal key and master key related services, and the most recent one they sometimes also get a designated post of security advisor within the commercial sector. All these services are initiated by both local and professional locksmith and sometimes such locksmith companies. Locksmith Keller is considered under the category of professional locksmith company dealing with the residential sector along with various key related services.

Keys are the most important part of every lock. The identity of every lock is well defined by its key. Locksmiths have performed tremendous work in the lock-related sector. Not only manual locking they also now spreading their hands towards digital and electronic-based locking. As per the locksmith, digital security is the future of good positive security.